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GPOY: This-is-why-I-have-trouble-making-friends Edition

GPOY: This-is-why-I-have-trouble-making-friends Edition

25 notes | 11:30pm 24 Jan 2011 Tagged: #Questionable Content #Hannelore #Hanners #GPOY (but not really)


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    The noise I made when I read this is in no way dignified or manly
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    Oh Hanners! That’d be me right there…
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    Lol, aww.
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    Oh Hanners :3 I do this too!
  10. passiveaggressivepositivity said: I love the fuck out of you and everytime you post something about not being able to make friends because you’re socially awkward, I feel both happy and sad at the time for you. Nevertheless, I fucking love the motherfucking fuck out of you.
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