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(I tend to post it a lot, so if you don't like it then you better skedaddle.)

I know I've got a big ego. I really don't know why it's such a big deal though.

Prone to posting: pictures of my face, silly details about my day, TMIs, complaints, porn (#NSFW if you have to Tumblr savior it), "writing," feminism, body positivity, Doctor Who/Buffy freakouts, crude language, and self love.
I'm a big advocate for underwear dancing as self care.

Also into helping other people celebrate their sexy selves.
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You should probably technically only look at this shit if you're 18+ but whatever, kid, I'm not your mom.


I’m not too happy with how the shorts came out, but these patches I whipped up (freehanded, what what?!) are the bomb dot com.

No Nazis is going on my jacket (not planning on wearing it, but it will be cold that day, so it’s just in case) and Justice Turns Me On (inspired by this) is going on my butt pocket.

Anonymous asked: I just thought you should know that you are very very attractive lady with nice breasts.

Oh don’t worry I know.

This is probably my fifth draft (edit: ok it’s my third but still) of this book review and they’re still giving me THIS many edits. I kind of just want to throw it at them and scream, “You fucking write it then!”

I hate formal writing.

Old grumpy lookin’ guy comes up to the AV desk and gets a DVD. Looks at the scraps I’ve practiced making bleach stars on. Furrows brow. “What are you doing?”

"Um, I’m making a punk Wonder Woman costume."

Guy immediately lights up. “Excellent!” Guy leaves.

Punk Wonder Woman! It’s a work in progress, but I’m SO SO SO STOKED.

I’ve still got to

  • Add stars to the shorts (the plan is to use a bleach pen to get an acid wash look but I bought a stain remover pen on accident, so I might just have to use paint if I can’t find a bleach pen tomorrow)
  • Sew the eagle to the top
  • Spray paint my knee-high combat boots red (sooo excited for that part)
  • Figure out something for the cuffs (can’t decide between something to look super hero-y or just regular punk kid armbands)
  • Buy a gold chain for my lasso of truth

And I think that’s it! I’m really excited about this and super proud that I’m going to pull it off (hopefully) in just a week.

Yes I am fully aware that my obsessive planning for C2E2 is just a way to avoid the reality of my impending graduation.

No you may not bring it up.

So I’ve decided to take on the challenge of spending the week creating a punk Wonder Woman outfit for C2E2. It’s money I don’t /really/ have and it’ll be just one more thing to stress over during a semester where I stress about EVERYTHING, but it’s something I love to do and haven’t been able to for a while. I think I deserve to do something that’s just for myself this week. It’ll be good to combine being creative, lookin good, and getting attention into one giant task. I deserve this.

I drew a dick splooging butterflies and flowers and happiness.

Then Walt gave it a face.

I’m going to C2E2 next weekend. Do I a) wear my homemade Robin costume that’s pretty damn decent if I do say so myself or b) make a punk Wonder Woman costume and risk wasting time/money on something that may not be as good but will be cooler/more original if I pull it off?


Accidental sext.


Submit Your Selfies

Your face, your hair, your boobs, your butt, your cock, your feet, the small of your back, I don’t care, I just want to fill my blog with beautiful babes. I’m stressed out and need some positive energy and self love is my favorite kind of love, so help me and maybe it’ll help you.

#Specify if you want me to post it anonymously. #Or if you don’t want me to post it at all. #And they don’t have to be nude. #Even though I love me some nudes.

Can you guys please help me bring this back? Submit a picture and maybe a little write-up about how you’re doing or something. I’d like to have a bunch in my inbox to post; it felt so good last time!

Here’s the tag for reference.

It’s 20 minutes until 2am and I have a lot of easy homework I could just GET DONE but it’s such slow goins and I just heard of this blog called picturesofmygirlfriend and when I went on it, it was empty with only the about that said, “The dream is over. Thanks for everything.” And now I’m SO EMOTIONAL and I just realized I’m gonna start my period like tomorrow so at least I have an excuse but like DAMN GUYS. LOVE. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT?

I didn’t have the greatest day, but I did feel attractive in a way I haven’t in a while. Like I felt unstoppably hot. Head-turnin’ hot. I-didn’t-even-have-to-try hot. Some dudes casually walked by me while I was waiting for the bus and when I didn’t look at them, one of them laughed and said to the other, “Denied!” And I was like, that’s fuckin RIGHT. I wish dudes would just do that instead of catcalling. Express your rejection, not your affection. Like, “DAMN, girl, I wouldn’t have a chance with you!” I wouldn’t even be mad. I’d be like, you’re right, thank you.

Also pretty sure I accidentally made a boy at Panera fall in love with me and that felt good too.











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